wonderpants - organic underwear for men for women for every body
wonderpants - organic underwear for men for women for every body

Wonderpants - how we care

At WPHQ, we want our business to reflect our personal values, helping to create a world we are pleased to be a part of, and want to be living in. A world we cherish and appreciate for all it gives us.

In the production of Wonderpants, we care about leaving the smallest footprint possible - so we can continue to make wonderpants for many years to come, and we can all feel easy about wearing and enjoying them, knowing nature has been considered.

We want our business to have 100% onshore Australian production, with local processes and fabrics.  It was vital for us to find the right fabric for Wonderpants. This took some time, but finally we found it.

We make our underwear range from organically grown, australian knitted cotton provided by OCC Apparel. They are legends! They source the cotton from a Fairtrade accredited, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, organic farm in India, bring the cotton to Australia and knit it for us in their ACO (Australian Certified Organic) factory in Sydney. Not only do they provide exemplary service and product, their water management is ecologically considered, they use dyes that are easy on nature, and genuinely care about making an ecological and sustainable difference in the generally toxic world of textiles.

We are stoked to be able to partner with OCC Apparel for our Wonderpants range.

Closer to home, with the production of the range, we take care.

We take care to minimise the power we use to run our workroom, with the goal to move towards 100% green power usage.

We take care to reduce our workroom waste - keeping it to a minimum and recycling all we can.

We take care of our level of fabric waste - currently supplying a local print collective with offcuts to use as cleaning rags, and using offcuts as part of our packaging.

We take care with our printing - all our printing is done by the fabulous PrintTogether team here in Castlemaine. They use recycled paper, vegetable based inks and clean green printing processes.  They're ace!  You can find them here www.printtogether.com.au

We take care with our wrapping - we use recycled wrapping, no plastics in our packaging, and paper tape. 

We are now proud to use better packaging co mailer bags for our posting bags. This company are absolutely fabulous and the bags we use from them are COMPOSTABLE!Check out their great work here www.betterpackaging.co

We can take care of the earth, and of you.